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iPhone Repair North London

For same day services please call 020 8888 6363

iPhone Repair North London

Communication matters and the Apple iphone remains the ‘go to’ smart phone. The iphone provides cutting edge design and technology what’s practical and highly workable for modern living and communication.

Our iphones contain our life from banking to all our contacts and a damaged or broken phone causes inconvenience and problems. At NLPCRC we understand how important your iphone is to you. We ensure your

iphone repair is carried out quickly and professionally by our team of qualified iphone technicians. We carry out swift thorough phone repairs to help minimise the disruption to your life caused by a damaged

or broken iphone.

Whatever your iphone repair problems, we have the experience and expertise to repair your iphone.

For quality iphone repairs you can rely on at the North London PC Repair Centre.

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iPhone Screen Repair/Replacement

iPhone screen replacement

Accidents happen and North London PC Repair Centre has the expertise to replace damaged iphone screens. We repair or replace cracked, damaged iphone screens. A damaged iphone screen is one of the most common

problems we regularly see and fix.To ensure outstanding service for our customers, we use genuine Apple parts to repair or replace your damaged iphone screen. For a quick and professional repair service,

bring your damaged iphone to North London PC Repair Centre. We understand how important your iphone is to you.

iPhone Liquid/Water Damage

IMPORTANT – Do not turn your device on if it has been exposed to water or liquids. The boards inside your iphone could be damaged further if you turn on your device.

A thorough iphone water damage repair can take between 1 to 3 days.North London PC Repair Centre for iphone water damage repair. We can save your iphone after it has been exposed to water.

iPhone Charging Port Repair

We can repair your iphone charging port quickly and easily. Over time, iphone charging ports become worn and that can result in a problem charging your iphone. You may also have an issue with your iphone

microphone, this can also be easily fixed at North London PC Repair Centre.

iPhone Camera Repair

North London PC Repair Centre can replace your iphone front camera and iphone rear camera with genuine Apple replacement parts. We can usually undertake repairs quickly to minimise your inconvenience.

iPhone Wifi Issue

Wifi problems with your iphone? North London PC Repair Centre can fix iphone Wifi problems.

iPhone Reception Repair

North London PC Repair Centre can help resolve your iphone reception problems. Lack of service or poor reception could also be an issue with your network provider.

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